Friday sermon in Budapest Mosque - 2014-12-05

Outstading stories of the prophet’s wives. - Overall

Jumaa by Sheikh Farris.

The prophet wives asked the prophet that they want more money so they could spend it in life’s pleasures, ALLAH SWT told them in his book that if they wanted that the prophet  would divorce them.

The prophet asked Aisha who was twelve years old of her decision and she should ask her parent for advice and rush to make a decision, she answered: what is there to ask for advice for of course i am choosing to stay by your side.

Allah going to give the biggest award for them, who has good attitude and good wills in their hearts.(The partner of Mohamed advices helped to Mohamed)

After a big war, a women lost her father and her husband in the battle. But this widow was a very great follower of Allah, and she asked:

But what about Mohamed, the prophet of Allah. They replied, he is safe. But the women wants to see him with her own eyes.

When she him and he is not injured, She said, it would be the biggest tragedy if we lost our prophet (saw), the sender of Allah.

Story of Ummu Talha, when Abu Talha asked to marry he she told him that the like of you are not rejected but your not a muslim and if you want to marry me you must be a muslim.

The same story from this couple when their kid died. She asked the people to not tell hime that his child dies I will tell him.
When he came back home she served him dinner, he asked about the kid she said he is sleeping.  Then she got dressed and make herself looks beautiful like never before and they laid together.

In the morning  she asked him if someone lent us something isnt it his right to ask for it back? He replied: yes, she said: you should be patient and accpet that ALLAh took our son.

Abu Talha got very angry with her and told the prophet peace be upon him the prophet replied: may ALLAh bless your night, some of the follower of the prophet said they saw that Abu Talha had nine sons all of them memorize the Quran..

When the prophet went to do ummra and the kufar didnt allow him to do it, he was asked to make a treaty and to leave.

When they finished signing the treaty he told all of his companions that there is no umra so shave your heads and slaughter your gift for ALLAh sake, none of them listened to him.

He entered his tent worried about them for not listening to him and talked with Um Salama, she adviced him to go out and not talk to Anyon, shave your beard and slaughter your gift and they will follow. He did as she adviced him and the Sahaba raced to do as he did.

About who is women or man, it is not that fact to be proud of, because we got it without any act or will. So pay attention, that you have to be humble.

Who will follow me to the death that who has the longest arm. (the next death after mine would be.)  Because this man is worked by his hand, and already gave a lot of zakah.

Aisha if she gave just a piece of date, she thought it was not a small gift. So Allah recognize the gift as you thinking about it. And Allah swt going to give back if you do something good in life.

She never gave money like she gaven proudly, and with hands what sees down. Allah going to give back more when you give something. When you are going to die, you will loose all of your stuffs/things and value what you owned in this world. But when you give zaka or you give money to someone else Allah will give you way more after your death.

So focusing and building to your afterlife is the best choice and a wise act in this life and world.

Jazak Allahu khajren for your attention

This friday sermon was hold in Budapest Mosque

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