Friday sermon in Budapest Mosque - 2014-12-12

Cautionary admonition, Brotherhood in islam

by Abdul Ghani

Mohamed (pbuh) asked: „why your colour just changed?” The friend of the prophet are worrying, that they not going to meet in the Jannah. Also at least not in he same level.


Islam have 3 big points:
- Islam is the biggest grace that Allah blessed us with.
- We are reponsable to give forward the culture, the informations, the religion to our friends, and whos around us.
- Those who worship other gad than Allah, Allah will never accept them, until they convert to the true religion Islam.

We live in a community where there is an open community. They are kind with us.

But there is also some values that is not present in this community like the the family ties, relationship netween family members, how to raise and take care wisely to your family.

The followers of Allah, are siblings. „The prophet said you will not have full faith untill you love your muslim brothers .

In the masjid,there are different types of people. The different skins does not mean that we are not equal that we are not sibilings, or we are not connected.

We are in the same religion, where different people could connect easily because of the heart and there is difference between muslims except by faith.

And we have to learn it that the outside image of the people are not effected to the judgment of Allah.

We will judge what is in our heart, what is our acts, and how we follow Allah. (swt)

There is an example where two men walking, and none of them have a good and healthy eye. They talked about may better to go on different roudes because the imam afraid of the people going to gossip about them, that two weak eyed lead themselves. This is a very big humility when you make a decision because of afraid of others going to make sins because they are weak. Because they not overrule their weaknesses.

Here follows Ibrahim Ibn Adham story:

Ibrahim ibn Adham was in a market and asked by someone: „abu Ishak (they called him like this), Allah says int he Quran: „ Make dua to Me, and I will reply for your prayings (duas)” But we are still did not get any reply from Allah (swt).

Abu Ishak replied: „Why you wondered? Your hearts are dead, because of these 10 points:”

1. They known Allah, but they do not fulfill what He entitled
2. They read Quran, but they dont act on it.
3. They love our prophet, but they abandon his traditions.
4. They told they are the enemy of shaytaan, but still make friendship with him
5. They are afraid of the fire of the hell, but they dont try to escape from there.
6. They crave (would like to achieve) Jannah, but their acts are not enough to acheive it.
7. They claimed that death is true, but they did not act (deed) for it
8. They occupied for other people sins, and they did not deal with their sins.
9. They bury the deads, but they not learn from it.
10. They feed themselves from the grace of Allah, but they do not deserve that.

How would you like to pray if your heart is already dead? How do you want to achieve the acceptance of Allah if your heart is already closed? Why do you think

Allah has to listen to your dua if your heart is full of sins?

So what is our responsibility, that we have to assume the best of all to each other. We have to keep in connect with each other. We have to be patient with each other. We have see our common goal, what Allah wants us to do. We have to spread islam as much as we can. The only true religion from the only God, Allah (swt).

Our brothers,  never forget that the people will judge the religion by us. So pay attention, and represent well the religion of Allah.

Ya Allah, please dont make us a bad examlple for Islam. Please Allah give us your mercy so the religion gets to our hearts.

By the belief of brotherhood we could properly submit Islam. By the brotherhood we could represent Islam.

Jazak Allahu Khajren for your attention.

This friday sermon was hold in Budapest Mosque

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