Friday sermon in Budapest Mosque - 2014-12-19

Forgivness is one of the highest good deeds

by Sheikh Farris

Forgive them (muslims, and non muslims), be good with them (who are around you), because Allah loves who they do good deeds.

And as you are more patient with others, and as you are forgive to others, consequently Allah will forgive your sins. Surely Allah is the most forgiving.

When you forgive some one, the reward from ALLAH is more than the reward you could get in this life.

First we have to try to not keeping bad acts what hurted us. Try to forgiving, and do not give back the bad acts.

We will reach the fearness of Allah, when you practise forgiving.

Glory goes to those who forgive. The merciful and graceful Allah will call all of the creatures who forgave and they will enteer Jannah by his will.

So forgiving is good for You in both life. In the dunya and the Jannah. And If you can not forgive, your soul will fulled with pain and bad thoughts which will affect your cody & soul.

These black wholes in your heart make you away from Allah.

So do not belive shaytaan voice when you are feel yourself sinful, and you are not capable to forgive others, and ask Allah to forgive you by all of your heart.

One of the many stories of the prophet fearing & depsning on ALLAH

A beduin guy attacked the prophet when He layed down a tree.

The beudin one asked: Now who going to protect you?

Mohamed (peace be upon him) replied: Allah does. You can not kill me.

And the sword felt down on the ground, and he could not attack him. After this the beduin saw the miracle of Allah, and the deep faith of the prophet.

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