Friday sermon in Budapest Mosque - 2015-01-02

Mohamed (peace be upon him) Hadiths and following his path

Jumaa by Sheikh Farris

Mohamed (peace be upon him) & love towrard him.

Prophet Mohamed a messenger of Allah swt. The last one, and the most merciful prophet. The Merciful Allah said that he has the best feature, it follows that his personality is better than any other single person has in the world.

Allah raised his rank” untill the day of judgement. There is no other prophet, whos has the same respect like the last prophet has.

In the reality it showed well that the muslims are talking about him a lot.

After the christians celebrations, in islam it is important that we are not celebrating prophets of birthdays. We could memorize this, but we do not need to attach to a day. the true celecration of the prophet is not linked to just one day a year, we worship Allah by following his sunnah not by praying or reading Quran for one day in a whole year. There was no celebration of the prophet in the three best centuries after his death.

If there someone who would have celebrated his birth it would have been the companions of the prophet because they loved him more than anyone who came after them.

The acts are more important, as saying words.

In he battle of Uhud the companions of the prophet protected him from the arrows with their bodies.

When the disbelievers caught & sold him in Mecca they asked him on the execution stand would like if the prophet was in your place & his amazing reply was

Wallahi I don’t love if the prophet was in his house between his family to be hurt by a thorn.

This how much the companions loved the prophet.

Not just the people showed love to Mohamed. Allah also changed the objects (for example a mountain where there placed a war, and also a tree where the prophet said the speech, a tree started to make a noise when the prophet lefts because she missed him. So the prophet went back to hug the tree) It shows to us, that the objects are also love the prophet, so it follows we have to see clearly how important the prophet and what He said (peace be upon him).

In the end there are two surahs.

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